Adolescent Transitions Lab

Adolescent Transitions Lab

With this research group, led by Allison Ryan, I have been assisting on studies related to understanding students’ transition from elementary to middle school, specifically how that transition impacts students’ relational self-worth, engagement, and peer relations.


Ryan, A. M., Shim, S. S., & Makara, K. A. (2013). Changes in academic adjustment and relational self-worth across the transition to middle school.  Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 42, 1372-1384. doi: 10.1007/s10964-013-9984-7

Recent Conference Presentations:

Ryan, A. M., Jamison, R., Makara, K. A., Suárez, G., & Varela, J. (March, 2014). Differences in the classroom context between elementary and middle school classrooms and associations with student engagement. Paper presented at the Society for Research in Adolescence, Austin, TX.

Ryan, A. M., Makara, K. A., & Thompson, G. (April, 2013). Changes in academic adjustment and peer and teacher relationships during early adolescence. Paper presented at the Society for Research on Child Development, Seattle, WA.


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April 2, 2015